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United Masters League

Season 1

About UML

Brought to you by experts and passionate fans of competitive gaming, United Masters League is a newly established Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition aiming to create a fresh, consistent and entertaining environment featuring both, up and coming talents, as well as the biggest names of modern Counter-Strike.

Starting this November up until late March, the first season of United Masters League will deliver top of the range CS:GO action, high-quality broadcasting in various languages, alongside community events and plenty of giveaways for beloved fans and viewers.

Live from Berlin, our dedicated team will be covering over 400 hours of pure competition featuring 14 of the most prominent CS:GO teams across Europe, battling for the astonishing prize pool of a total $150,000. Cannot wait to get started? Neither can we!

DonaSpock Host

DonaSpock is a very successful Twitch streamer and personality in the German CS:GO scene. We’re very excited to have her hosting United Masters League out of our studio in Berlin.

Vincent "Zescht" Talmon-Gros Caster

Vincent is a fantastic CS:GO caster who’s full of energy and enthusiasm for the game. We’re looking forward to have him on board UML.

Siniša 'XqzR' M. Caster

Siniša, just like Vincent, is a very talented CS:GO caster based in Germany. After several meetings with him and Vincent, we couldn’t help but pair them up for the whole UML season.

Harry Wiggett - Project Manager

The silver of the team, however his lack of CS:GO skills are made up for with classy British humour and a delightful personality. He totally didn’t write this himself.

Harry is the communication channel between teams, admins, the Unikrn team and all other channels affiliated with the league. He is taking care of the UML match schedule and many other core elements to help us produce this fantastic league for the scene.

Radko Dimitrov - Match Administrator

Radko is our extremely reliable match administrator who will be ensuring all matches are ran smoothly and on time. Without his expertise and knowledge, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Tom Lemke - General Manager of Business Development and Partnerships

The brains. Sometimes.
Tom Lemke has been at Unikrn for over four years now, serving as GM for Business Development & Partnerships. United Masters League is a project Tom has aimed to present to the CS:GO and esports community for some time now. If you have a business proposal for him please write tl at