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General Terms and Conditions for ChallengeMe Ladders

  1. The ChallengeMe ladders are provided by ChallengeMe Esports GmbH, Alexanderstrasse 9, 10178 Berlin, Germany, [email protected] (hereinafter "CME").
  2. All registered users of the CME website available at who are of legal age are eligible to join CME ladders.
  3. Trade partners or employees of CME, their families, agents or any other person connected with the administration of the ladders will not be considered and are not eligible to participate.
  4. The user can participate in ladders by playing competitive matchmaking on CME.GG. The user will be able to join a ladder either in the respective ladder page or in the beginning of a competitive match. When in the lobby, the user can select and/or change the active ladder before the warm up ends.
  5. For every match under the requirements to join ladders, the user will earn points. The number of points earned may vary depending on the ladder and game mode.
  6. Users who leave a match earlier and/or receive a competitive cooldown will not earn points for that match, no matter the outcome.
  7. The points earned in each match will only count towards the ladder set as active by the user before the match has started.
  8. Within one week from the end of every ladder, the users with more points will be announced as the winners.
  9. Users who have joined a ladder, but at the end of it have earned no points for that particular ladder, are not eligible to win the prizes in any circumstance.
  10. At the end of each ladder, should at least two winning users have the same amount of points, the following tie-break rules apply:
    1. The better place goes to the user who has won more matches on the respective ladder;
    2. If the users have won the same amount of matches, the user with more matches played on the respective ladder takes the advantage;
    3. If the users have played and won the same amount of matches on the respective ladder, the user who first got the final amount of points takes the better place.
    4. If the users got the final amount of points at the same time, the user who has joined the ladder first takes the better place.
  11. The end time for each ladder will be announced together with the other specific details for the respective ladder on the CME website.
  12. The CME team will check if all winners played by the rules prior to sending out the prizes. In case we find any breach of rules, the users involved will be disqualified and the correspondent prizes will be assigned to the next in line.
  13. If a user gets disqualified or banned while the ladders s/he joined are running, the user will not be able to take part on the ladder anymore, thus not being eligible to win any prize.
  14. Within a week after the end of every ladder, the winners of each prize will be informed by email to the provided email address and may be publicly announced on the CME website. You agree that your username together with a link to your player profile can be used in such an announcement or in advertisements related to future ladders.
  15. Prizes must be claimed within a period of four weeks after the public announcement of the winners on the CME website or the receipt of a personal notification, whichever is earlier. Winners must claim their prize as indicated in the email or notification sent by CME. If any remaining prizes have not been claimed by the end of this period, then the opportunity to win these prizes will be lost.
  16. Prizes sponsored by CME partners may take a bit longer to be delivered and are not a responsibility of CME.
  17. The prizes for each ladder and their estimated value will be described together with all other specific details of the ladder on the CME website. Prizes are not transferable and no cash alternatives will be offered. Prizes cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty.
  18. The winners of the ladders must ensure that the trade links they either send by email or insert in CME website are correct and belong to their own Steam account as well as having their Steam profile set as public. CME will use the trade link provided in the platform in a first instance when sending out the prize and is not liable if the information is not updated/correct.
  19. CME will bear the shipping costs for sending the prizes to your place of residence. However, CME has the right to replace the initially announced prize with a substitute of the same or higher estimated value (e.g. an Amazon voucher), if it becomes apparent that sending you the initially announced prize will be impossible or economically unreasonable, e.g. because of national import restrictions, local taxes or other costs related specifically to your place of residence.
  20. By joining any ladder you agree with these Terms and Conditions and allow CME to use your user information for advertising purposes.
  21. CME only collects, processes and uses personal data in accordance with the general Privacy Policy of CME and these Terms and Conditions.
  22. CME reserves the right to change and adjust these Terms and Conditions for specific or the whole ladder system. In such event CME will make reasonable efforts to communicate any changes and adjustments on the CME website or by email.
  23. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes under this Agreement shall be Berlin, unless otherwise provided for by mandatory law.