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Streamer team showdown

Support your team by voting for them! You will receive either a , or Ticket for your vote. Voting ends as soon as the match starts (around 18:00 CET).
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WINS: 63%    HS: 56%    KDR: 1.12    ACC: 17%
WINS: 64%    HS: 56%    KDR: 1.33    ACC: 22%
WINS: 67%    HS: 65%    KDR: 1.26    ACC: 21%
WINS: 77%    HS: 55%    KDR: 1.67    ACC: 24%
WINS: 73%    HS: 52%    KDR: 1.25    ACC: 21%
- : -
match settings
rounds: mr15
friendly fire: off
Overtime: 5 rounds
bomb timer: 40 sec
knife round: off
WINS: 76%    HS: 64%    KDR: 1.57    ACC: 19%
WINS: 64%    HS: 61%    KDR: 1.20    ACC: 19%
WINS: 71%    HS: 50%    KDR: 1.29    ACC: 21%
WINS: 67%    HS: 65%    KDR: 1.30    ACC: 21%
WINS: 84%    HS: 60%    KDR: 1.88    ACC: 23%


How will the Ticket winners be chosen?

If you have voted you’re in for a reward, no matter what.

Does it matter if my team has won?

We will award all those who voted for the Showdown winning team with Silver Tickets. We will award all those who voted for the Showdown losing team with Bronze Tickets.

Do you raffle these awesome Golden Tickets as well?

Yes! 100 people who voted for the Showdown winning team will be chosen at random and receive a much coveted Gold Ticket.

How can I vote for my favourite team?

After logging in just click on the Vote button beneath the team you think will win the Showdown. It’s as simple as that.

How long can I vote?

The vote will close right before the first official Showdown match has started.

Can I change my vote after I have voted already?

No, unfortunately not so you better think twice before making your choice.

Why can’t I vote for my favourite team anymore?

Either you have already voted for a team or the voting phase has ended. The vote was only open until the beginning of the showdown. But we will have more opportunities for you to win Silver & Golden Tickets.

How do I know I have won the Ticket raffle?

Have an eye on your ticket counter next week. If you were among the winners you will notice an increase of tickets. Unfortunately we can’t reach out to every winner individually.

When do I receive my Ticket?

We will issue all tickets on Monday after the Showdown.

What happens if I have already reached my ticket limit (10 tickets)?

In that case you better spend at least one ticket in one of our raffles as we can’t provide you with a new one if your storage is full. But tbh there is no real reason to not spend them anyway.