Take part in activities on our website to earn raffle tickets. These tickets can then be deposited into our raffles and winners will be chosen randomly. Deposit more tickets to be in with a higher chance of winning. How does it work?

Daily - bronze

Ends today in 08 : 01 : 18
Five-SeveN | Monkey Business (Minimal Wear)
Five-SeveN | Monkey Business (Minimal Wear) Starting at 5.74€ on Steam market Enter now

Weekly - Silver

Ends in 03d 08 : 01 : 19
Fnatic Black Collection Jogging Bottoms
Fnatic Black Collection Jogging Bottoms Starting at 60.00€ on Steam market Enter now


Ends in 04d 09 : 01 : 18
★ Moto Gloves | Spearmint (Field Tested)
★ Moto Gloves | Spearmint (Field Tested) Starting at 310.00€ on Steam market Enter now

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How does it work?

Tier System

ChallengeMe.GG uses a tiered system when it comes to raffle tickets:

Bronze Tier

Bronze raffle tickets are our easiest ticket to get and can be used to enter our daily raffles.

Silver Tier

Silver raffle tickets are harder to get than bronze tickets and can be used to enter our weekly silver raffles.

Gold Tier

Gold raffle tickets are by far the hardest to get but are used to enter our largest prize pool raffles.

How do I get tickets?

You will be able to earn tickets in multiple ways in the future but for now, you can participate in matches to contribute towards your Daily Mission which can be found on your Dashboard. After reaching certain milestones, you will earn yourself a ticket which can then be used in our raffles.

I earned a ticket, what do I do next?

Depending on which ticket you earned, you can click on the “Enter” button shown above, select the active raffle and deposit the ticket.

How do I know if I deposited my ticket?

You will notice that the number of tickets in your storage will have decreased, your avatar will appear in the participants section at the bottom AND we will also notify you with a pop-up message at the top of the screen just to be sure.

How many tickets can I deposit into a single raffle?

The maximum amount of tickets that can be entered into a raffle is 5. Each entry will increase your chances of winning so be sure to add as many as you can for that day.

How many tickets can I have at one time?

Right now, you can have a maximum of 10 Bronze, Silver and Gold Tickets in your storage with any additional tickets earned being forfeited. This may change in the future as we introduce more ways to earn tickets and spend them.

Can I win a raffle without having played a match on your site?

Raffles are a way for us to show our appreciation towards our community so we need you to play at least one match on our site in order to be eligible to enter a raffle.