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Tournament info

The new Legend Series has been restructured and reformatted to a more modern, fairer and more unique experience – both for teams and viewers. With the new concept we introduce “Legend Points” to our tournament, giving Counter-Strike the most fair valuation for skill you will get. Teams will not longer be rated just by win, draw or loss. They will be rated by their overall performance in game, considering lots of key variables.

The best two teams win a slot and paid trip to the next $25.000 Legends Cup.

How does it work?

We will have the tournament played within a league system. Twelve teams will compete against each other once in a Best of Two match. After all matchdays have been played we will invite the best four teams to an offline final. Every match of the season will be worth money. We give teams 25€ for a win, 10€ for draw and even 5€ for a loss. Beside that we encourage teams to play all their matches and take them serious by giving them 5€ for just being in time and ready to play.

At the offline final the best four teams will compete for another prize pool of 2000€.

1st Place: 850€, 2nd Place: 650€, 3rd Place: 300€, 4th Place: 200€

League standings

Here you can view the current Legend Series standings. This page will be updated after every play day.

What are Legend Points?

Legend Points" is our very own ELO-System for CS:GO comparing the success of a team not only by their Win-Score. We take a wide range of CS:GO related variables into account to generate an ELO to be way more fair to the game and the performance of a team.


Results of head-to-heads between the 12 teams. If you want more than simply the match result, each completed match has a detailed summary page thanks to the CME.GG platform. Simply click the result and you'll be taken to the match summary page.

Hint: Click the results for match statistics and demo


We're excited to see some old faces return to compete with us, alongside some new faces hoping to make a name for themselves.


  • Mads "Console" Skovby
  • Peter "Inzta" Kragelund
  • Lucas "Lukki" Pilheden
  • Thomas "Ryxxo" Nielsen
  • Allan "AnJ" Jensen

Pride Gaming

  • Konrad "EXUS" Jeńczeń
  • Tomasz "ToM223" Richter
  • Maciej "Luz" Bugaj
  • Łukasz "splawik" Jahns
  • Gabriel "gab" Jaroszuk


  • Bryan "adeRa" Schmidt
  • Clark "hEATZ" Nickel
  • Manuel "rome" Bennies
  • Daniel "W1TTEK1ND" Schmidt
  • Stephan "stepe" Herrmann
  • Fabian "fabdell" Delliponti
  • Philipp "osirisbash" Kaczmarczyk

Epsilon Esports

  • Tom "jenko" Jenkinson
  • Owen "smooya" Butterfield
  • Robin "robiin" Bjögren
  • Kostas "tsack" Theodoropoulos
  • Kia "Surreal" Man

Team Spirit

  • Pavel "COLDY" Veklenko
  • Dmitry "S0tF1k" Forostyanko
  • Vadim "DavCost" Vasilyev
  • Dmitriy "Dima" Bandurka
  • Victor "somedieyoung" Orudzhev

Elements Pro Gaming

  • Dmitriy "hooch" Bogdanov
  • Aleksey "elian" Gusev
  • Andrey "Xoma"Mironenko
  • Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis
  • Kristaps "krii" Bricis
  • Egor "flamie" Vasilev

Ha MaSSe

  • Alexander "kalashz0r" Shihov
  • Roman "bloody wolf" Latypov
  • Maksim "QRUSH" Ilyushin
  • Artem "iDISBALANCE" Egorov
  • Evgeny 'Aunkere' Karyat


  • Karol "tecek" Kapczyński
  • Michał "SOON" Wójcicki
  • Krzysztof "stark" Lewandrowski
  • Krzysztof "Goofy" Górski
  • Patryk "ponczek" Wites

Nexus Gaming

  • Catalin-Ionut "BTN" Stanescu
  • Adrian "XELLOW" Guta
  • Ivan "iM" Mihai
  • Costin "jaxi" Vrînceanu
  • Andrei "TheOne" Zamfira

Playing Ducks

  • Dominik "dominikkk" Aberle
  • Andre "fleksy" Lorenz
  • Devin "Zarin" Döhmen
  • Wissem "wizzem" Annabi
  • Jonas "Zertrümmerdoh" Opitz
  • André "kirby" Kempa
  • Yannick "rUFY" Bürder

Pompa Team

  • Kuba "Markoś" Markowski
  • Marcin "LTN" Krzemiński
  • Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny
  • Karol "repo" Cybulski
  • Maciek "RastiK" Kowalski
  • Maciej "Destroj" Deorocki

Quantum Bellator Fire

  • Gregory "balblna" Oleinick
  • Aurimas "Kvik" Kvakšys
  • Nikita "waterfaLLZ" Matveyev
  • Saveliy "jmqa" Bragin
  • Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov

ELC Gaming

ELC Gaming is a tournament organizer and content creator in the world of Esports. With the world´s first mobile Esports Arena, our showtruck Big Betty, we bring Esports to the people. Alongside our Streaming Channel ELCGamingTV and Esport Arenas all over the world we connect the online world to live events.


Big Betty

As part of the global Allied Esports Network, ELC Gaming was founded in May 2016 and made its debut at the Gamescom in Cologne in August. We are the proud owners of the first mobile Esports Arena in the world: Big Betty.


Esports company

ELC Gaming is a young and ambitious Esports company with a background in Events and Broadcasting. With our showtruck Big Betty, our Esport Arena "The Garage", online tournaments and ELCgamingTV, we offer the full package of possibilities for companies keen in getting involved in Esports.


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