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Weekly 1v1 Ladder #9

Finished 1 month ago  
68 / 150
Competitive 1v1

Ladder requirements

Min. matches to claim reward
Rank Limit
Matches limit

Ladder settings

Start date
20-11-2019 18:00
End date
27-11-2019 17:59
Points system
Win: 3 | Loss: -1

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The CME.GG ladder is a feature to reward the most active and winning players in the CME.GG competitive matchmaking.

Please note: Only users who live in the European Union are eligible to receive physical prizes


Following actions will result with DQ from the ladder:
- losing matches on purpose
- leaving a match when losing
Please use "voice_enable 0" and "cl_mute_enemy_team 1" to avoid verbal inconvenience in matches.

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