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What is Prefire Training?

Play specially created scenarios on well-known CS:GO Maps to improve your gameplay. We want to help you learn the most common (and sometimes uncommon) spots where players will be waiting for you.

Learn to check every corner and place your crosshair perfectly to increase your reaction time and get the advantage that counts. Peek 1 by 1, so you don’t get seen by too many enemies at once.

Compare your score with friends and other users on CME.GG. Learn from them by downloading and watching their demos and get better over time!

How does it work? How is the score calculated?

Select a Map, pick a weapon and a scenario of your choice, join the server and play.

Your score will depend on the average of the following stats:

  • Your reaction time - from the moment a bot sees you until it is dead
  • Your average round completion time
  • Your accuracy - headshots count more!

How can my reaction time be 7ms, when professional players have around 200ms? Am I ready to go pro?

If your crosshair placement is very good and you know where to pre-aim before you peek - numbers like this are not impossible to reach - but much harder to obtain in a competitive setting with real players.

Can I earn or win coins/skins/money by playing training mode?

Right now, at this early BETA stage, you can only earn XP and fame by owning the leaderboards with your score.

Does the amount of bots in a scenario have impact on the score?

Not if you keep your average accuracy, reaction time and round time up.

Does the weapon I use affect my Score?

No. It's just for you to chose and to train your recoil control with different guns.

Do I get a high score if I finish rounds quickly? (“speedruns” with potato aim)

You will most likely not reach high scores playing like that. Accuracy and reaction time is far more important.

Can I reset my stats?

No, but since this is still an early beta stage, we will most likely do a complete stat reset at some time in the future.

Why are the bots not shooting?

In this first iteration, bots will not fire at you.
It's more about you learning where players can stand and where you have to pre-aim to eliminate those most efficiently.