What is the Personal Security Code and Deposit ID for?

These IDs will help us assist you if any problems should arise. Simply contact support and supply them with both IDs.

Is there a minimum skin value when trading?

We take all skins no matter the value however, the minimum value per trade must be 100 Coins or more. For example, you give us:

  • 2x 50 worth skins = 100
  • 5x 20 worth skins = 100
  • 4x 10 worth skins = 40
  • 10x 5 worth skins = 50

My profile and inventory is public, why does it tell me it isn’t?

Try refreshing the page, if you are still receiving this error then it is likely that your steam account is not eligible to trade in general. Please refer to this article written by Valve to determine if any of it applies to you:

If you continue to have issues, please contact us at

What can I not trade?

Cases, stickers and music kits are not eligible for trading at this time.

Steam still says that it is waiting for the trade but I have received my Coins, what do I do?

Don’t worry, your trade was successful and you can simply close the trade window and refresh steam. It seems to be a case of connection lag between valve servers and our own.

How many items can I trade at the same time?

Currently, you can trade a maximum of 20 items at the same time.