Playing for Coins

What are Coins?

Coins are the currency used on ChallengeMe.GG which represents money on your account.

What can I do with Coins?

Coins can either be used to challenge other players to a Coin game, where you can earn more Coins by winning; Or cashed out for real money.

How can I play for Coins?

You can directly challenge others via the Play4Coins menu tab. This page shows all people currently online who have coins on their account. If you have a rank on our website, you can join the 1v1 or 2v2 matchmaking queues too for a set fee of 100 Coins each.

What are the rules for Coin games?

You can find the full list of rules here.

Can I play for Coins without the CME.GG Client?

No, all Coin matches are CME.GG Client protected and require our Client running at all times.

What is the minimum / maximum amount of Coins I can play for?

The minimum is 50 Coins (€0.50). The upper limit for now is 5000 Coins (€50), however this may be raised in the future.

What happens if I feel my opponent is cheating?

If you think your opponent is cheating you can “Dispute” the result after the match and mark the reason as “Cheating”. CME.GG staff will then investigate.

I had a technical/server issue and I lost, what can I do?

You can “Dispute” the result after the match and mark the reason under “Server Issue”.

Will my Coins ever be wiped? Like when CME.GG comes out of Beta?

We will not be wiping coins again after the launch of Play4Coins.

Coins Exchange

Where is the Coins Exchange page?

Access to the Coins Exchange page can be gained by clicking on the “+” icon next to your Coin amount.

What is the Coins Exchange page?

The Coins Exchange page is where you can top up your CME.GG account with Coins using one of our payment methods. You can also request withdrawals and view your balance history.


How do I deposit using Cash?

Go to the Add Coins tab within the Coins Exchange. Select the amount you wish to deposit (4.99 EUR minimum) into your CME.GG account and select one of the two methods: Wirecard or PayPal.

How do I deposit using CS.GO skins?

Go to the Add Coins tab within the Coins Exchange. Click on the Deposit Skins button and ensure to have your Trade URL added to your CME.GG account to be able to deposit skins. Once your Trade URL is added, you can view the amount of Coins you will receive for each item in your inventory. Simply click on a skin you wish to deposit and we will calculate the amount of Coins you will receive in return. SkinJoker, the company that powers this feature takes a fee per skin and our Coin value takes this into account when calculating what you will receive. Please read Skin2Coins Terms of Use and the Skins2Coins FAQ for more information.

Please Note: The minimum trade value must be 100 Coins or more.

Why can't I deposit?

If you are having trouble making a cash deposit, please contact customer support. If you are having issues depositing a CS:GO, please ensure your Steam profile and inventory is set to public and that you are eligible to trade. You can find further information about this here:

Do you accept prepaid credit cards?

We only accept PayPal and normal credit cards at this time.

Can I cancel a deposit?

Yes! You can request a deposit refund by submitting a ticket to customer support, provided that the funds are available in your ChallengeMe.GG account.

Is there a deposit limit?

Not at this time.

Is there a fee to deposit?

No, there are no fees to deposit.

Is there a currency conversion rate?

We denominate in EUR. If you pay in another currency, fees and currency conversion rates may apply and are set by the payment provider of the payment method you wish to use.


How do I withdraw?

Eligible ChallengeMe.GG members may request a withdrawal of funds from their available ChallengeMe.GG account balance at any time via the Withdrawal tab on your Coin Exchange page.

How long does it take for my withdrawal to be processed?

We aim to process a withdrawal request within 7 working days, at which time you will receive an email verification that your request has been processed. Any further wait times caused by PayPal are out of our control.

How are withdrawals processed?

It is our policy to process withdrawal requests first, back to the same PayPal account which was used to deposit. In some cases, ChallengeMe.GG may request ID verification to complete the withdrawal.

Is there a withdrawal fee?

All withdrawals are subject to a withdrawal fee, which is currently €1.00 per withdrawal, and visible to you before you proceed with your withdrawal request. Additional payment provider fees may apply.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is €5.00. However, you will need a balance of at least €6.00 to withdraw (€5.00 + €1.00 withdrawal fee)

What is the withdrawal limit?

The maximum withdrawal limit for a single request is €100.00 (balance required would be €101.00 including the €1.00 withdrawal fee)

How many withdrawal requests can I have open to once?

You can only have one open withdrawal request at a time.

Can my withdrawal limit be increased?

Not at this time.

What is the status of my withdrawal?

You will receive a site notification and email with all details of your withdrawal request when it has been approved and processed, or in the event it has been declined.

Can I cancel my withdrawal request?

Yes! Eligible ChallengeMe.GG players can cancel a withdrawal that has not yet been completed at anytime. However, if the withdrawal request has been completed, we cannot cancel the payment. To cancel, simply send an email to requesting a cancellation. Be sure to add your withdrawal request id to the mail.


What is History?

The History page allows you to view all of your Coin transactions that have occurred on your account.

Where can I see my history?

You can view your history by going to the Coin Exchange and then clicking on the History tab.


Can I transfer Coins to a friends accounts?

Not at this time

What maps are available in Play4Coins matches?

All maps that are currently in the “1v1 Quick Play” map pool can be played for Coins in the Direct Challenge feature but for the 1v1 and 2v2 queues, the Competitive 1v1 map pool is used.