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Matchmaking / Competitive

Matchmaking on ChallengeMe.GG is the process through which our system will match players of similar skill levels against each other. Matchmaking is determined by skill ratings.

This feature is currently in beta


Unranked Your current rank
Silver I Your current rank
Silver II Your current rank
Silver III Your current rank
Silver IV Your current rank
Silver V Your current rank
Silver VI Your current rank
Gold I Your current rank
Gold II Your current rank
Gold III Your current rank
Gold IV Your current rank
Master I Your current rank
Master II Your current rank
Master III Your current rank
Master IV Your current rank
Elite I Your current rank
Elite II Your current rank
Supreme Your current rank
Legendary Your current rank

What are skill ratings?

Skill ratings are a numerical value given to a player to determine their skill. A player’s skill rating is used in our matchmaking. Winning matches will increase your skill rating, while losing will decrease it.

How can I see my skill rating?

This value is not visible in a numerical value however, we have values assigned to ranks.

How do I get a rank?

You must first complete your placement matches in the competitive 1v1, 2v2 or 5v5 mode to receive your rank.

How do placement matches work?

Upon joining the Competitive 1v1, 2v2 or 5v5 queue, you are asked to complete 10 placement matches. These matches are used to determine your skill rating.

In what modes can I earn rank progression?

Your rank progression is only affected in our Competitive and Play4UKG modes.

How is my rank progress calculated?

Simply put, your rank progress will differ depending on your opponent’s skill rating. If they have a higher skill rating and you win, you will gain more rating than if they were lower than you.

We also calculate your individual performance during the match so even if you lose but did well during the match, your skill rating will not be decreased as much as someone who did not do well on your team.

I’m X rank in Valve Matchmaking, what rank should I be on CME.GG?

You shouldn’t gauge your CME.GG rank by your Valve Matchmaking Rank. The two systems work quite differently in terms of how your rank is calculated. Therefore your Valve Matchmaking rank should only act as a rough guide to what rank you should be on CME.GG.

What is the CME.GG policy on smurfing / deranking?

Smurfing, i.e. intentionally getting yourself into a lower skill bracket than you belong by means of deranking, or deliberately losing your placement matches, can lead to account suspension.

We at CME.GG pride ourselves on offering a competitive and fair environment, regardless of your skill. Smurfing completely goes against this principle and is therefore not tolerated in competitive modes here at CME.GG.

If you wish to play with friends who are of a different skill level, we offer open and casual lobbies.

How can I report someone for Cheating / Smurfing?

You should report these people to our support: [email protected]

What maps are played in Competitive 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5?

We have picked 7 competitive maps for both 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5. The list of maps is as follows:

1v1 and 2v2:
  • Aim_Map
  • Aim_Map2_Go
  • Aim_1v1_USP
  • Aim_Deagle
  • AWP_Orange
  • AWP_India_CSGO
  • Aim_ssg_08_CSGO
  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_train
  • de_mirage
  • de_cache
  • de_cbble
  • de_overpass

How is the map picked in Competitive modes?

The map is picked via veto system from the 7 competitive maps. Each team captain will take turns vetoing a map until only one is left.

Do I have to use CME.GG Client Anti-Cheat in Competitive modes?

Yes, competitive play always requires CME.GG Client Anti-Cheat. Please ensure that the client is running before joining the queue to avoid issues.

What happens if I or my opponent(s) cannot play due to lag?

Unfortunately CME.GG cannot take responsibility for any issues caused by your internet connection (lag / disconnects etc). If all players are affected and you believe it to be a server issue, please contact support after the match has ended and report the server.

What happens to leavers or AFKers?

We have a tiered cooldown system in place for all Competitive and Play4UKG matches to deter players from ruining the experience of others.

The following actions will cause a cooldown to occur:

  • Not accepting the match
  • Being AFK during the match
  • Leaving the match

How does the tiered cooldown system work?

The severity of the cooldown differs depending on what action the player took.

Type Tier 1 - Length Tier 2 - Length Tier 3 - Length Tier 4 - Length Recurring Offenses
Not Accepting 3 Mins 5 Mins 15 Mins 30 Mins 30 Mins
AFK / Leaver 10 Mins 30 Mins 1 Hour 1 Day 7 Days

The conditions for each “Type” is as follows:

  • Not Accepting If the player does not accept 3 matches in a row, they will receive a cooldown.
  • Leaver In 1v1s, players that leave the match early will receive a cooldown. The match will be cancelled and it will not affect skill progress or placement matches. In XvX (2v2+), players that leave and do not return after 5 minutes will receive a cooldown after the match has ended. Also, they will incur the same cooldown if they disconnect for a total of 3 times within the same match.
  • AFK If a player is AFK while in-game for more than 60 seconds, they will be kicked and a cooldown will be applied at the end of the match. Note: The AFK system is not active during warmup or during pauses.

If I hit Tier 4, will all future offences stay at the maximum length or does it reset?

All cooldowns will reset after playing 7 days without receiving a cooldown. The timer for this reset will start after your last cooldown has ended.

Another thing to note is that the different “Types” of cooldowns are separated, this means that if you receive a Tier 1 cooldown for not accepting a match and then go AFK in a match, both “Types” will be at Tier 1.