Frequently Asked Questions

What is CME.GG?

ChallengeMe.GG is a matchmaking platform currently offering 1v1, 2v2 & 5v5 matchmaking with direct challenges on 128 tick European servers. Matches can be played for Fun, Ranks or for Coins. Players also have their own profile with badges, backgrounds, statistics and more!

A chat box popped up while I was on the platform, what is this?

This is our way to directly communicate with you and provide support when needed. We will also use it as a means to inform łyou of new features as and when they are implemented!

What languages do you support?

Right now, the platform is only in English but customer support can be provided in English, Polish or German language. We will expand into other languages in the future as CME.GG grows. Although, you’re welcome to speak whatever language you want if you find someone to talk to who speaks the same language.

How do I queue for a match?

You can simply click the big Play button at the top of any page and select any of our Matchmaking modes and as long as you are eligible, you will be placed in the queue. Once a match has been found, there will be a popup window for you to accept or decline.

How does the matchmaking work?

Matchmaking will place you with and against players of similar skill. As you play more matches, our matchmaking system will get a better idea of your skill level and find players of a similar level for you to play with and against.

What are the winning conditions?

Matches are set to MR8 and overtime at MR3 for 1v1/2v2 game modes while MR15 with overtime at MR3 is set for 3v3/4v4 and 5v5 modes.

What about leavers and AFK players?

Players who go AFK and give no input into the game (mouse movement / keystrokes) will be kicked after 60 seconds of inactivity. However, this feature is not active during a match pause.

In 5v5 Matchmaking any player who leaves the match will replaced with a bot. A leaving player can rejoin within 5 mins and will begin playing again once the current round ends.

Can I choose the map I play?

In our unranked 1v1 mode “Quickplay 1v1”, after accepting a match both you and your opponent will be able to vote for which map to play, The map will then be picked randomly from the 2 choices (unless of course you both picked the same one).

You can also pick specific maps when directly challenging people or take part in a map vetos when joining competitive queues.

How do I send a Direct Challenge?

There are a couple of ways to do this. One way is to directly challenge someone on your friends list by simply clicking on the drop down menu next to that person’s profile picture and selecting ‘Challenge Me’.

If the person is not on your friends list, you will have to search for that person using the search function (top left corner of the website). Once you have found this person, you can click the button for more options (the "" button) and select ‘Challenge Me’.
Note: Only players that are online can be challenged.

How do I add a friend?

You can search for a friend through the search option (top left of the screen), which will take you to a list of profiles that fit the search. You then click the "" button on the profile of the person you want to add and select "Add Friend".

You can also add people directly from game lobbies by clicking on their Profile picture and selecting "Add Friend".

What are the different kinds of maps you have?

There are a number of different types of maps that cater to different weapons. Such as:

  • USP
  • Deagles
  • AWP
  • AK47 / M4

These maps come in 2 main varieties:

  • Aim maps - minimal cover, good for testing your reactions and aiming.
  • Maze maps - more cover to let you sneak up on your opponent, good for practising your movements and game sense.

We also have the more known “de” maps from both the official valve map pool and community generated maps from the workshop.

I click Play in a lobby but nothing happens?

Firstly, check you don’t already have CS:GO open. In this case the game won’t load up / full screen, you will need to bring up your CS:GO window and the match will be loading.

If the game doesn’t join the session, you can copy the console code from the lobby and enter it into the CS:GO console (see ‘What is the Console?’ if you are unfamiliar with this) to join the session. You should also check your browser settings, to make sure that you haven’t disabled your browser from launching applications.

Why is my Play Button grey?

If your Play button is greyed out this means the matchmaking servers are currently down. Check our social media for information about technical issues.:

What is the CS.GO Console?

The console can be used to change many things is CS:GO, but is mainly used with Challengeme.GG to manually enter a match when the automatic join doesn’t work. To enable your console, follow these steps:
In CS:GO, click Options > Game Settings > Enable Developer Console (ON)

Now you can open the console at anytime with the (~) key which is the key to the left of ‘1’ on your keyboard.

Can I stream the ChallengeMe.GG platform and matches?

Yes absolutely, spread the good word! Feel free to contact us and let us know your stream information too, depending on your stream size we can work with you to grow.

Why is my ping so high?

Our servers are located in Germany, so if you’re playing outside of Europe you will most likely experience lag. As the platform grows, we will look into getting servers in other locations such as North America.

What happens if my opponent doesn’t join the game?

In 1v1 scenarios, if your opponent doesn’t join the game, firstly, do not leave! After 3 mins you will be crowned the winner and removed from the match.

In XvX modes, matches will be cancelled if not all players join the server and cooldowns will be handed out.

Can I change my name?

Usernames cannot be changed however, we are looking into adding aliases in the future.

What feature are you working on next?

As we’re always working on something new here at CME.GG, it’s difficult to answer. Follow our social media for the latest updates.

How can I contact support?

Click on the Orange "?" button found in the bottom right of the website. Alternatively, you can email us directly at

Can I download your Map Collection?

Sure you can, our Map Collection can be found here:

How do I report bugs?

Bug reports can be sent to the following email:
Please include a detailed explanation of the bug, along with any relevant screenshots.

How do I submit feedback?

Feedback and suggestions can be sent to the following email:
Please indicate in the title of your mail that it is feedback, for example:

"[Suggestion] More Pink on the website"

This makes sorting through mail a little easier for us :)

How can I report a player?

Players can be reported after the match by using the Downward Thumb Icon next to their picture on the lobby page. You can also report this to CME.GG through the following email

You can also praise a player with the Upward Thumb Icon :D

Please Note: No information regarding the investigation or outcome will be relayed back to you once a report has been made.

What does the coins do?

Read all about our Play4Coins feature here.

I think I found someone cheating, what can I do about this?

Players can be reported after the match by using the Downward Thumb Icon next to their picture on the lobby page. You can also report this to CME.GG through the following email

Please include a link to the player’s profile, any screenshots and/or video with an explanation of what type of cheat you think they were using. (Aim hacking, wall hacks etc).

Please Note: No information regarding the investigation or outcome will be relayed back to you once a report has been made.

How do I apply to be a Mod?

One does not simply apply to be a Mod. We will be monitoring our most active community members and will reach out to them personally.

Can I create a map for CME.GG?

Sure, if you have an awesome map we can look at adding it to our map pool. Contact us at with your submission.

Do you Rush B?


Can I challenge CME.GG employees?

Sure, just don’t cry when you get rekt!

How can I tell who are CME.GG employees?

All CME.GG employees will have the "CME_" prefix to their username and a special title and badge to verify they are the real ones.

What if someone is pretending to be a CME.GG employee?

You can report this to CME.GG through the following email Please be sure to provide us with a link to their profile.

Please Note: No information regarding the investigation or outcome will be relayed back to you once a report has been made.

What is the Party System?

The Party System allows you to join or create a party with players on your friends list. When in a party, you can queue up for our 2v2 Play4Coins and Competitive 5v5 game modes and be placed on the same team as your friend.

How do I invite someone to my party?

Firstly, the player you want to invite must be on your friends list. So make sure you add them as a friend before inviting. Once on your friends list, you can click the green button “Invite to party” and they will receive a notification in the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Once accepted, they will appear in your party.

Can other party members invite their friends too?

Sure they can! If they have friends that you don’t, they can simply invite them to the same party so you can all play together.

What happens when I leave the party as the leader?

When leaving, you will give the party leader status to the player below you in the party list.

Why can’t I join the queue as the party leader?

This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Someone in your party is busy (in-game, in a lobby), either wait for them to finish to remove them from the party to queue.
  • The skill gap between players is too large. To ensure the best possible matchmaking experience for our community, we do not allow parties with large skill differences to join the queue. We recommend waiting for the skill gap to shorten.

Can I be in more than one party at the same time?

Not at this time, no.